Part-ORA Initial issue 19 April 2012 . Annex to ED Decision 2012/007/R Page 2 of 68 (AMC) adopted by the Agency is reached. AMC1 ORA.GEN.125 Terms of approval and privileges of an organisation MANAGEMENT SYSTEM DOCUMENTATION EASA Part-ORA


The ATO shall ensure that the students meet all the pre-requisites for training established in Part-Medical, Part-FCL, and, if applicable, as defined in the mandatory part of the operational suitability data established in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 748/2012.

SHT – ORA Yayım Tarihi 08/06/2017 Değişiklik No 00 Değişiklik Tarihi Sayfa 7 / 31 EK-1 UÇUŞ EKİBİ İÇİN ORGANİZASYON GEREKLİLİKLERİ [PART-ORA] ALTBÖLÜM GEN GENEL GEREKLİLİKLER KISIM I GENEL ORA.GEN.105 Yetkili Otorite a) Bu talimat kapsamında, gözetim/denetim yapacak yetkili otorite: 1. Part 145 AMC 145.A.15 Application AMC 145.A.15 Application In a form and in a manner established by the competent authority means that the application should be made on an EASA Form 2 (refer to Appendix III to AMC to Part-145). the EASA web site at Applicability: Components that have been released to service on an invalid release document. 1 As clarified in AMC to EASA Part-145.A.42 (a), an equivalent document to an EASA Form 1 may be a release document issued by an organisation under the terms of an appropriate bilateral agreement.

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easa part 145 line maintenance Your safety is our commitment AMC AVIATION Through its EASA 145 Maintenance Organization FR.145.0674 provides Line Maintenance to several clients: •21.A.133 Eligibility • Any natural or legal person (‘organisation’) shall be eligible as an applicant for an approval under this Subpart. The applicant shall: • (a) justify that, for a defined scope of work, an approval under this Subpart is appropriate for the purpose of showing conformity with a specific design; and • (b) hold or have applied for an approval of that specific EASA Part CAMO Regulatory Obligations – 1 Day – Webinar EASA Part CAMO – Safety Management Systems – Regulatory Obligations – 1 Day – Webinar AMC 20-20 Continuing Structural Integrity Programme – 1 Day – Webinar. Introduction. From 24 March 2020 Annex Vc Part-CAMO will become a valid EASA approval. EASA Part 145 Certification of Maintenance Audit EASA.145.A.50 Name Of Auditee Date of Audit Name of Auditor Audit Standard EASA Part 145 IR, AMC & GM Additional Guidance is shown in Bold Italics – Basic Questions include Management & Oversight –Ownership of Procedures - Competence & EASA PART – CAMO.

The United Kingdom is no longer a part of EASA as it left the European Union in 2020. civilian EASA Part 145), much of the terminology used throughout MRP Part 145 mirrors that used in civilian aviation (eg ‘certifying staff’). There is, however, no intention for such terms to replace their commonly understood military equivalents, but are used in MRP Part 145 as a means to provide a common Regulatory en intervju Roland Ströman Manualer - sammanfattning av innehållet Roland Ströman EASA Toni Reuterstrand Teori Teoriprov - information till teoriansvarig vid flygskola Luftfart / Certifikat och utbildning So z.B.

EASA Regulation 1178/2011 Including EASA Part FCL Regulatory Training – 3 Days INTRODUCTION – Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 of 3 November 2011 lays down technical requirements and administrative procedures related to civil aviation aircrew pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

AMC & GM on . AR, OR & OPS .

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Part-ORA Subparts GEN and ATO Workshop on Reg. 1178/2011 and 290/2012 Lisbon, Portugal 18 - 19 September 2012 Helena Pietilä Rulemaking officer - FCL

Page 2. Disclaimer. This consolidated document includes the  Sep 12, 2018 EASA. Patrick Hofer, Flight Inspector. Isabelle Pecoraio, Flight Part-ORA organisation requirements AMC to define minimum content. EASA AMC/GM till Part-MED *. • 290/2012, bilaga VI: Part-ARA/Del-ARA.

Member States and EASA shall participate in an exchange of information by making all safety related information stored in their respective reporting databases available to the competent authorities of the other Member States, EASA and the Commission, through the means of the European Central Repository.
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Aircrew Regulation Cover Regulation (1178/2011 and 290/2012) Annex I Part-FCL AMC adopted by the Agency is reached.

The hours flown in non-EASA aircraft cannot be used to obtain a Part-FCL licence, rating, or certificate or towards meeting their prerequisites. All of these requirements only apply to non- EASA Sailplanes, Single-Engine Piston (SEP) Aeroplanes and Touring Motorgliders (TMGs).
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EASA Decision. Consolidated AMC & GM to Annex III (Part-ORO). Disclaimer. Updated: May 2017. Page 2. Disclaimer. This consolidated document includes the 

AMC to Appendix 3 in Part-FCL in relation to CPL and ATPL training courses allows only a limited form A cross reference table has been issued along with this OM-A Compliance checklist – EASA Part-OPS Transition checklist - which contains the provisions of EASA Part-OPS (Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 including AMC/GM) and the corresponding provisions of EU-OPS 1, TGL 44 as well as JAR-OPS 3 (amendment 5), Sections 1 and 2. Comment Response Tool CRT information hub. Part-ARA Part-FCL Part-FCL AMC/GM Part-ORA AMC/GM: 2020-12-14: 2021-03-31 : To report any problems, ePART-OPS provides EASA Air Operations regulation (Parts ARO, ORO, CAT, SPA, NCC, NCO, SPO and 26) with allacceptable means of compliance (AMC) and guidance material (GM) in a digital format which is Complete, Current, Consolidated and Clickable Part-21 Part-M Part-145 Part-66 Part-147 Part-FCL Conve-rsion Lic. 3:e Part-Med CAT Part-CC Part-ARA Part-ORA Def Part-ARO Part-ORO -Part-SPA GEN ATS MET AIS CNS Part-ACAS Rules of I the air II III IV V VI VII VIII ATC Licensing. Part-NCC Part-NCO Part-SPO EASA 1178/2011 Part ORA Regulations– 2 Days Introduction The introduction of Regulation (EU) 1178/2011 brought together all elements of pilot licensing, medical and training organisation approval under the direct regulatory control of EASA.